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"For all your confidence, I think you’ve seen yourself as the plaything of others. I know you were handed to me like an object, a punch line for what we both thought was a cruel joke. But this marriage is no longer something that happened to me. It’s… You are what I want."

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then come back to me

make me choose:
∟anon asked: kennash or mash?

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[on the TV show Reign] I hope women that watch it can at least take with a grain of salt the level of importance that is placed on our virginities and on our male counterparts. I would hate for any young girl to watch and be like, ‘This is the standard by which I will set my life’. I think they’ve done an incredible job of creating female characters who are really empowered by the times rather than restricted by them. Or, at least, empowered enough within the restrictions that they find themselves in.

"Falling in love is not the only adventure worthy of a young woman."

"Mary and Francis will face immeasurable new conflicts — and understandably so — now that Lola has given birth to her and Francis’ lovechild, but the real couple struggling at French Court in Season 2 will be Bash and Kenna. “There are going to be new players who come in over the course of the season,” executive producer Laurie McCarthy teases. “One of them might have a history with Bash that’s going to unnerve Kenna.”"

As my husband, I want you to help me

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because you are my wife.

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Reign Meme: [3/3] romantic relationships -> Kennash

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reign meme
[8/8] moments

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